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Re: Questions and Answers (FAQ)

I use latest Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 with updates coming in every 3 hours. "Hooker.exe" has not been flagged on my side.

I don't know why it isn't, but on my side is sad


Here are the latest results from VirusTotal. KAV7 detects but later KLab products don't hmm

I can't change what antivirus decides.

I thought that you can send them mail describing that it isn't a virus than riskware...
For me it's ok. Exclusion list is the solution smile

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Re: Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Hello, Hooker seem to be a great keylogger, I would like to run automatically from windows start up but on ''HIDE'' mode, I mean the main menu don't appear in the screen. Is possible this ??? Sorry by my english, Thanks. Mateo


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Re: Questions and Answers (FAQ)

@mateofoto: See http://www.den4b.com/?x=compare

Stealth mode at startup and Password protected access require you to purchase the app.


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Re: Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Using the lite version:  Clicked the HIDE button, but "hooker.exe *32" is still in the task manager.  Not very hidden smile  How to fix that?hooker.png

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Re: Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Clicking on the "Hide" button hides the graphical user interface from the user. The actual process must still be running in the operating system and you can't get around that.

If you wanted the hide the process name, just rename "Hooker.exe" to something more common, for example "svchost.exe".


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