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ReNamer 6.7

ReNamer 6.7 brings a new renaming rule, many new features and improvements.

A short list of most notable changes:

  1. Added Randomize rule for inserting random sequences into filenames.

  2. Added and improved email meta tags for sorting your email based on sender and recipient properties.

  3. Added "/silent" switch to ignore warnings and errors during command line renaming.

  4. Reformat Date rule can now handle partial date formats like "YYYY", "DD MMM", "NN:SS".

  5. Added several new functions to PascalScript rule to help with text processing and integration of external command line tools.

  6. Improved file size formatting through consistent use of locale settings across meta tags and files table columns.


Full list of changes:

* Strip surrounding white space characters from EXIF Make, Model and Description tags.
* Display fractional part in "Size KB" and "Size MB" columns in the files table.
* Format file size and torrent size meta tags using locale symbols and 2 fractional digits.
* Added "Torrent_TotalSize", "File_Size" and "File_SizeGB" meta tags.
* Improved routines for number formatting based on locale settings.
* Added an option to skip renaming of unchanged files.
* Fixed an incorrect DST offset applied to file dates outside of current DST period.
* Replaced internal use of TStringsArray with TWideStringArray in Pascal Script.
* Added FileReadText function to Pascal Script.
* Added "/silent" switch to ignore warnings and errors during command line renaming.
* Set non-zero exit code when command line renaming fails in silent mode.
* Refactored command line parsing mechanism.
* Added colored arrow icons to import/export options to improve visual identification.
* Use the first day of the current year to substitute missing components in parsed dates in the Reformat Date rule.
* Fixed ignoring of trailing digits in short date pattern components (M, D, H, N, S, Z) in the Reformat Date rule.
* Rearranged the display order of rules: Reformat Date and Padding rules moved up in the list.
* Minor re-alignment of checkboxes in the Padding rule configuration window.
* Added Randomize rule for inserting random sequences into filenames.
* Random serialization option in the Serialize rule has been deprecated.
* Added option to replace the current name in Serialize and Randomize rules.
* Added an option to disable automatic case adjustments performed by the Translit rule.
* Disabled word-wrap, enabled horizontal scrollbar and improved resizing of components in the Translit rule configuration window.
* Reformat Date rule: Correctly handle repeated time format components.
* Reformat Date rule: Allow partial date and time format parsing, e.g. "YYYY", "DD MMM", "NN:SS".
* Reformat Date rule: Case insensitive matching of Unicode month names.
* Added functions to PascalScript: OemToAnsi, OemToWide, AnsiToOem, WideToOem.
* Fixed potential output buffer corruption in ExecConsoleApp function.
* ExecConsoleApp function no longer applies OEM to ANSI conversion to the console output.
* Made "Insert Meta Tags" button in the Insert rule more prominent.
* Reimplemented Outlook MSG file parser used for Outlook_* meta tags.
* Reimplemented email headers parsing used for Email_* and Outlook_* meta tags.
* Email_* meta tags can handle Unicode file names.
* Added more Email_* meta tags: MessageID, SenderName, SenderEmail, Recipients, Recipient, RecipientName, RecipientEmail.
* Added more Outlook_* meta tags: SenderName, SenderEmail, Recipients, Recipient, RecipientName, RecipientEmail.
* Renamed Outlook_ID meta tag to Outlook_MessageID for consistency.
* Changed English rule names from CamelCase to spaced capitalization.
* Added WideTextPosEx, IsWideWordBoundaryLeft and IsWideWordBoundaryRight functions to Pascal Script.
* Updated bundled User Manual (PDF file).
* Updated Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt.
* Updated French language file. Thanks to Ozzii.
* Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to WanderMax.
* Updated Serbian language file. Thanks to Никола Алексић (eR@SeR).
* Updated Russian language file.


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