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Meta Tags allow users to extract meta information associated with files and use it for renaming. ReNamer supports a wide range of built-in meta tags, while 3rd party tools can be used for extracting tags which are currently not supported directly.

There are two different ways for using the built-in meta tags:

List of built-in Meta Tags

There are more than 100 built-in meta tags of various kinds:

  • File information (size, dates, name, path, extension, and more).
  • Audio tags (title, artist, album, genre, track number, and more) in MP3, WMA, FLAC files.
  • Photo tags (date, camera make and model, description, and more) in EXIF/IPTC/TIFF formats.
  • Graphics properties (width and height, aspect ratio, number of pixels).
  • Document summary information (title, subject, author, page count).
  • File hashes (CRC32, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512).
  • Email properties (date sent, subject, sender) for EML and MSG (Outlook) formats.
  • Video properties (width and height, frames, duration, and more) for AVI format.
  • Automatically detected file extension using built-in Binary Signatures.
  • File version information (product, company, version number, and more).
  • Miscellaneous (HTML title, current date).

Editing Meta Tags

ReNamer is a file renaming tool, not a meta tag editing tool. ReNamer does not edit meta tags and this feature will never be supported.

Most of meta tags (e.g. ID3, EXIF) are not part of the names of the files, instead they are contained inside certain files. To edit meta tags, please use a suitable meta tag editor such as mp3BookHelper, mp3Tag or TagScanner (for various tags in digital audio files) or PhotoME (for EXIF tags).

Checksum-based tags (MD5, SHA1, CRC32) are non-editable: They are calculated by the system from the contents of the file. You can use them to check the integrity of any file using software like Exactfile.

Extracting Meta Tags with 3rd party tools

There are 3rd party tools which let extract meta data from various file formats for which ReNamer does not have a built-in support. In such cases the output of these tools can be integrated and used within ReNamer with a help of PascalScript rule.

Sample scripts which demonstrate the use of this method can be found in the Scripts section.

Here is list of some 3rd party tools which can be used for extracting meta data: ExifTool, FFmpeg, Exiv2, MediaInfo