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This page contains a collection of scripts which can be used in ReNamer's PascalScript rule.

3rd party libraries

Script Description Temp Forum Link
TrID Detecting file extension
Xpdf Extract PDF tags
Exiv2 Extract EXIF/IPTC/XMP tags from any images

Educational scripts

NOTE: This section might not be needed as most will probably go into user manual section as snippets of code!

Script Description
Initialize How to initialize the code
Import DLL functions Demonstrates how to call functions of 3rd party DLL
Date and Time How to use date and time of the file
Index filenames Insert a simple index to filenames
... ...

User scripts

Script Description Temp Forum Link
Separate words Insert a space in front of each capitalized letter.
AVI video codec Extract name of video codec used encoding AVI file.
Case conversion based on RegEx Convert case of capturing groups of your regular expression.

... ... ...