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This page contains a collection of scripts which can be used in ReNamer's PascalScript rule.

Educational scripts

Script Description
Initialize How to initialize the code.
Import DLL Demonstrates how to call functions of 3rd party DLL.
Date and Time How to use date and time of the file.
Move filename portion How to move part of the filename to a new position.
Index filenames How to insert an incrementing number into the filename.

3rd party libraries

Each of these scripts needs a third-party software ("library").

Download and install the required software as directed, before using these scripts.

Script Description Forum Link
TrID Detecting file extension.
Xpdf Extract PDF tags.
Exiv2 Extract EXIF/IPTC/XMP tags from any images.
MediaInfo Extract meta information from audio and video files.

User scripts

The following scripts are taken from the User forum. In some cases, links are provided to the thread, so that you can check the details of the use case.

Script Description Forum Link
Separate words Insert a space in front of each capitalized letter.
AVI video codec Extract name of video codec used encoding AVI file.
RegEx Case Convertion Convert case of capturing groups of your regular expression.
Using MasterFile Renaming folder basing on the MetaTag of the first file in the folder. In this particular case: adding the ID3_Year metatag from the mp3 file to it's parent folder name.
Hours span Add hours to a date embedded in the filename in format "yyyy-mm-dd hh-nn-ss.JPG".
Roman numerals serialization Serialization with Roman numerals.
EAN-13 checksum Calculate the checksum digit for the EAN-13 barcode.
Serialize duplicates Serialize duplicated filenames by append a counter to the filename.
Partial case change Change case of specific parts of the file name.
URL decode Decode a URL encoded filename.
Index files per folder This script adds a serialization index to the end of every file on per folder basis. The index is incremented only when the folder path changes.
Random characters and length Generate new names consisting of random selection of characters and of random length.
Convert file content from ANSI to UTF-8 Convert the content of processed files from ANSI (default system code page) to UTF-8 encoding.