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ReNamer 7.1

ReNamer 7.1 is a major update that brings new features, bug fixes and better support for recent and future operating systems.

Highlights of changes:

  • Added options for adjusting date/time parts in the Reformat Date rule.

  • Added context menu options for adding a new rule above or below the currently selected rule.

  • Allow multiple selected rules to be moved around, including continuous and discontinuous selection.

  • Remember location of additional windows: Add Rule, Analyze, Presets Manager.

  • Added a wide range of unit tests for renaming rules to ensure the stable operating at all times.

  • Refactored main toolbar, including improved sizing and an ability to hide it.

  • Implemented validation of Windows long path specification with "\\?" prefix. This trick allows to overcome the legacy 260 path length limit imposed by Windows.

  • Implemented handling of the Unicode word boundaries in the RegEx engine.

  • Improvements to MP3 meta tags, including proper support for Unicode capabilities of ID3 v2.4.0.

  • Improved translation framework. Certain messages which do not require translation are excluded from the translation files, thus, removing the unnecessary overhead for translators.

  • New translations added: Ukrainian, Turkish, Tamil (India).

  • New transliteration files: Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Vietnamese.

Here is a sneak peek into one of the new features....

Imagine that you have a collection of date stamped photo files and realized that the dates were all wrong, for example, off by 1 day. Or, you have scanned a bunch of documents, which were automatically time stamped by the scanner, but then you realized that the clock on the scanner was off by 5 hours. Then imagine you have thousands of such files with wrong dates and times in the filename. Oh my!

ReNamer to the rescue! Now you can easily adjust any part of the date and time in the filename, in any format. See a quick demo below that resolves such issues.


Please note that the list of supported platforms has changed. Support for obsolete Windows 9x platforms has been dropped. The new list of supported platforms: Windows 2000 and later.

See the full changelog between v6.9 and v7.1 for more details.

RandPass 1.6 has been released.

This is an exciting release for password geeks as it adds a new method for generating passwords by combining randomly selected words out of various dictionaries (wordlists). This method has been featured in a famous XKCD comic about password strength, which explains its advantages over the conventional methods.

Summary of changes:

  1. Added a word list based password generator.

  2. Bundled 9 word lists: Diceware, Diceware Beale, Diceware German, Diceware Russian, EFF, EFF Easy Long, EFF Easy Short, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese Wubi.

  3. Added an option to remember and restore the main window location, including the "maximized" window state.

  4. Added Dutch, Polish and Serbian language files.

For more information, see the changelog between RandPass 1.5 and 1.6.


Resizer 1.2 has been released.

Summary of changes:

  1. Perform image processing operations in a dedicated thread. This allows the main GUI thread to better reflect the progress and lets user abort the processing at any moment.

  2. Added an option to export file paths to clipboard.

  3. Added an option to remove only successfully processed files.

  4. Added a help link for the Fitting Method option.

  5. Added Dutch and Italian language files.

For more information, see the changelog between Resizer 1.1 and 1.2.


Hasher 3.4 has been released.

Summary of changes:

  1. Added an option to include header in the Log Viewer export to clipboard.

  2. Fixed an incorrect DST offset applied to file dates outside of current DST period.

  3. Respect the setting of upper case hashes option across all windows.

  4. Remember and restore "maximized" window state.

  5. Strip control and white space characters when comparing to a hash from user input.

  6. Added Dutch language file.

For more information, see the changelog between Hasher 3.3 and 3.4.


Colors 2.4 has been released.

Summary of changes:

  1. Implemented auto scaling of controls for High DPI displays.

  2. Added Dutch language file.

For more information, see the changelog between Colors 2.3 and 2.4.


Shutter 4.3 has been released. This is a highly recommended update.

Summary of changes:

  1. Improved Battery event. Added new trigger conditions: Power supply state; Battery level above a specific level; Monitor either the battery level or the power supply state, or both.

  2. Improved Ping event. Added ping interval parameter, increased default timeout and fixed incorrect API handling.

  3. Added new languages: Dutch, Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese.

  4. Major efficiency improvements for working with very large sets of events and actions, including a significantly decreased memory footprint.

  5. Fixed several important issues.

For more information, see the changelog between Shutter 4.2 and 4.3.


ReNamer 6.9

ReNamer 6.9 has been released!

Most notable changes from the user’s point of view:

  1. Implemented rule comments. This was one of the most requested features. Rule comments are editable via the rules context menu and visible in the Statement column. See the demo screenshots below.

  2. Added a dialog for manually entering file paths for renaming. Useful when you have a list of paths as plain text.

  3. Added Dutch and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translations.

  4. Various efficiency improvements.

Complex rules can be difficult to read...

Now, nicely commented by you!

Full list of changes:

* Implemented rule comments, editable via rules context menu.
* Enhanced storage path resolution with new path tags and handling of multiple path tags.
* Major code refactoring to improve automation and unit testing capabilities.
* Decoupled renaming rules from the visual components.
* Refactored renaming rule structures and management operations.
* Refactored file signature structures and management operations.
* Added a dialog for manually entering file paths for renaming.
* Added various unit tests, including unit tests for some renaming rules.
* Remove all files more efficiently than one-by-one when all files match the clearing criteria.
* Efficiency improvements for files table clearing operations.
* Efficiency improvements for performing shell actions on files.
* Added "How to translate" link to the Languages menu.
* Find application language file independently of the executable file name.
* Perform a fast clearing of files tables when closing the application.
* Converted action buttons in the Pascal Script window to a toolbar. Better handling of long localized text.
* Changed the Z-order of controls in the Delete rule window. Avoid awkward overlapping with long localized text.
* Forbid the use of empty folder when creating preset links. Avoid an error.
* Added Dutch language file.
* Added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) language file. Thanks to 冰霧神域.
* Updated French language file.
* Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to WanderMax.
* Updated German language file. Thanks to Kevin Scheitler.
* Updated Serbian language file. Thanks to Никола Алексић.
* Updated Russian language file.
* Internal refactoring.

This is a quick maintenance release for Shutter which adds a couple of new features and fixes few bugs introduced in the previous major release.

Summary of changes:

  1. Added an option to use an average measurement in CPU Usage, Network Usage and Hard Disk Usage events.

  2. Fixed a problem with Hard Disk Usage event not working.

  3. Fixed several bugs related to events configuration.

  4. Added Japanese language file.

Full list of changes between Shutter 4.1 and 4.2:

* Added an option to use an average measurement in CPU Usage, Network Usage and Hard Disk Usage events.
* Added options to toggle event details and status in the tray icon hint.
* Fixed: Hard Disk Usage event not working. Regression introduced in v4.0.
* Check if directory exists when path ends with a directory separator in File Size event.
* Display "File found" status instead of file size when waiting for a file to no longer exist.
* Fixed: Incorrect event configuration in the event editing dialog when displayed for the first time.
* Fixed: Inconsistent progression of events with "1BY1" logic.
* Fixed: Indefinite wait when no events are available with "OR" logic.
* Refactored various event management routines.
* Added Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt.
* Updated Russian language file.

A revamped version of Shutter is ready for action!

Shutter has undergone a migration to a newer and more productive development environment (Lazarus + Free Pascal). This greatly improves the development capabilities, integration with newer operating systems and facilitated the implementation of exciting new features listed below.

New features:

  1. Built-in multilingual capability. See how you can translate.

  2. Unicode support for all features.

  3. Secure communication (HTTPS) for the Web Interface.

  4. Templating system for the Web Interface.

  5. User data is stored in the user profile directory for the installer version.

  6. New methods for monitoring user inactivity.

  7. New "Screenshot" action.

Here is just an example of some events and actions in operation:


Full list of changes:

* Converted application project from Delphi 7 to Lazarus/FPC.
* Dropped support for Windows 9x platform. New list of supported platforms: Windows 2000 and later.
* Added multilingual support using PO files contained in Languages folder.
* Unicode support for all features (except autorun via registry).
* Store all user data in user profile directory for the installer version.
* Automatic migration of data from VirtualStore.
* Added 256x256 application icon.
* Added new "Screenshot" action, with sequential and date stamped naming options.
* Added browser icon for the Web Interface.
* Editable template files for the Web Interface. Default templates adhere to HTML5 standard specs.
* Implemented HTTPS (SSL/TLS) prococol for the Web Interface.
* Bundled OpenSSL library (openssl-1.0.2j-i386-win32).
* Added PNG screenshot format to the Web Interface. JPEG format remains optional.
* Added a choice of methods for monitoring user inactivity (Last Input Event, Low Level Hook, Injection Hook).
* Fixed incorrect status of the Window event when it is inactive.
* Translation friendly statement and status messages of events and actions.
* Added built-in version information, moving to x.x.x.x versioning.
* Use Settings.ini instead of <Application>.ini naming for settings.
* Correctly handle ampersands in preset names.
* Fixed cropped screenshot on High DPI desktops.
* Changed action/event configuration dialog to be resizable and increased initial size.
* Accept dropped directories in the Screenshot action configuration window.
* Improvements to the registration procedure.
* Refactored window enumeration routine.
* Increased width of action buttons on the main form, to better fit localized text.
* Display a message when an incorrect protection password is entered and offer to retry.
* Refactored preset management functions.
* Sort the list of presets by name.
* Added Russian language file.
* Added French language file. Thanks to Igor Lachaud.
* Added partial German language file. Thanks to Michael Weßeling.

P.S. All these changes come at a cost of having to drop support for obsolete versions of Windows 9x, so now the minimum operating system requirement is Windows 2000.

This is a major update to ReNamer which brings several new features and optimizations.

Here are the most significant changes:

  1. Presets can be organized into a directory structure (Pro version only).

  2. Serialize file names using Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...), Simplified Chinese.

  3. Added "Reset if file name changes" option to the Serialize rule.

  4. Handle MIME encoding in email meta tags.

  5. Unicode support for "Send To" and "Create Links" options.

  6. Major speed-up when clearing hundreds of thousands of files.

  7. Several new functions for Pascal Script rule.

Presets directory structure:

Serialize with Roman numerals:

Full list of changes:

* Optimized files table clearing operation. Clearing all files is significantly faster now.
* Refactored files table import operation.
* Include directories with a system attribute when scanning for presets.
* Show presets directory structure limitation message in Save Preset and Presets Manager.
* Reapply presets limitations after a preset was deleted in Presets Manager.
* Localized filter title in the dialog for importing presets.
* Ignore file extension when sorting presets.
* Sort the list of translit alphabets.
* Meta tags: Decoded escape sequences when extracting complete mailbox specifications.
* Meta tags: Handle tab char (#9) as a fold char in email headers.
* Meta tags: Handle folded (wrapped/multiline) email headers.
* Meta tags: Handle escape sequences in mailbox specification.
* Meta tags: Decode multiple contained MIME encoded words in email headers.
* Meta tags: Decode MIME encoded email subject line and addressee names.
* Meta tags: Extract unquoted name from a mailbox addressee specification.
* A more user-friendly error message when the application of renaming rules on text fails.
* Rearranged Z-order of options to avoid covering up of the radio button in the User Input rule, due to increased system font size.
* Changed the order of options in the Serialize rule for a more natural flow.
* Display separate counters for skipped unmarked files and skipped unchanged files.
* Added new functions to Pascal Script: WideMatchesMask, WideMatchesMaskList, WideSameFileName, WideReverseString, RandomString.
* Refactored registration of custom types and functions in Pascal Script.
* Support directory structures for presets (Pro version).
* Do not show "preset not found" warning in silent command line mode.
* Apply license restrictions to the creation of preset links.
* Show message with the number of successfully created preset links.
* Save Preset dialog is now resizable.
* Allow ampersand sign "&" to be used in preset names.
* Forbid saving a preset with an empty name.
* Added a selection of numeral systems to the Serialize rule: Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...), Simplified Chinese, Custom alphabetic and Custom numeric.
* Avoid a crash when Randomize rule is misconfigured with an empty character set.
* Refactored UTF8 code point splitting routines.
* Added "Reset if file name changes" option to the Serialize rule.
* Added FileReadTextLines function to Pascal Script.
* Added UsePlusAsSpace parameter to URLDecode function.
* Modified import/export icons to minimize ambiguity of color and direction of arrows.
* Added "New Instance" option for opening a new application instance.
* Option "Create Links" can now handle Unicode preset names.
* Option to add a link to "Send To" folder is now Unicode capable.
* Updated Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt.
* Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to Max Wander.
* Updated Italian language file. Thanks to Vittorio Ierardi.
* Updated Russian language file.
* Other internal changes.

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