Product Version Publish Date
2.1 2016-04-28
2.0.4 Beta 2016-03-26
Implemented alternative CPU frequency detection using Win32_Processor WMI provider.
Replaced static tray icons with dynamically drawn icons, giving a refreshed look.
Use system defined tray icon sizes for better graphics on high-DPI systems.
Internal code cleanup.
Updated copyright information.
2.0.3 Beta 2016-01-24
Recreate icon when taskbar is recreated (Explorer restarts).
Cleanup tray icon code.
Automatically deactivate registration when uninstalling.
2.0.2 Beta 2014-02-11
Added hint to run as administrator when failed to apply system settings.
2.0.1 Beta 2014-01-30
Removed donation link (donations are discontinued in favor of "Pro" version).
Added confirmation dialog before unregistering the product.
License expiration is checked against UTC date instead of local.
2.0 2013-12-16
1.70.5 Beta 2013-12-16
Updated application icon using a vectorized version;
Updated tray icon images, cleaner and with non-transparent background;
Combined "CPU Explorer" and "CPU Features" dialogs into "CPU Information";
Added option to show memory usage as percentage instead of MB;
Rearranged settings by moving visual options to a new tab;
Built-in registration facility and Terms of Use dialog;
Free version is now known as "Lite" and licensed version as "Pro";
Added purchase and compare editions options to the Help menu;
Added splash logo label, shown during first 5 seconds;
Various performance improvements;
Added thousands separators;
1.70.4 Beta 2013-12-09
Updated donation URL;
Removed 0 and 100 axis labels from the graph;
Slightly wider and taller graphs for better use of the available space;
Changed font on the graph axis labels to avoid font smoothing side effects which caused the background color to show up on the font edges;
1.70.3 Beta
Control buttons are now hidden after 3 seconds and automatically shown when mouse is moved over the main window;
1.70.2 Beta
Added "Hide tray icon when main window is visible" option and by default the tray icon is always visible;
1.70.1 Beta
Refactored tray icon code and moved into a separate unit;
Changed how "Always on top" option is applied, it now requires a restart;
Translation field in the About dialog became more apparent;
Right click on the white header of the About dialog will place application's version information in to the clipboard;
Corrected tab order of checkboxes in the settings;
1.70 2012-02-16
New About dialog;
Updated support email address;
"Mb" is now displayed as "MB";
Many strings were moved to resources;
Version history moved to a dedicated text file;
Added links to Wiki, Forum and Donate;
Support for up to 4 processors/cores;
Individual colors for each processor usage graphs;
Tray icon is recreated when Windows Explorer restarts;
Code cleanup and optimization;
1.60 2007-10-10
Added numerical tray icons, in addition to graphical;
Introduced a procedure to "re-enable performance counters";
Fixed rare flickering effect and closing problem of Tray's popup menu;
Added options to resize the main window manually (in the settings);
Added option to show physical memory instead of page file (in the settings);
Fixed an issue with "Always on top" option being reset when open settings;
Ability to save location on desktops with any number of monitors.
General cleanup of the code;
1.50 2006-05-01
Added option to Show Free Memory, instead on Used Memory;
Added option to Hide Bar Graph, stretching the main graph to full width;
Added ability to show each CPU separately on the graph, for computers with more than 1 processor (look into Settings);
Fixed bug: tray icon could disappear when triggering Always On Top option;
Added Fast switch Hotkey option for switching Application Modes;
Changed graphical view of Settings window;
1.46 2005-11-24
Support for Memory capacities larger than 4GB (physical + swap);
Added ability to Reset Statistics, via Statistics window;
1.45 2005-11-17
Display total CPU usage, if more than 1 processor is installed;
Dramatically improved accuracy and efficiency of the thread execution;
1.40 2005-08-17
Memory Usage can now be displayed (optionally), plus Memory Statistics!
Updated Tray icons: smoother, fixed top black line;
Fixed bug: refresh rate wasn't loaded properly on start;
1.31 2005-04-26
time independent graph points: plotting points by DateTime vs Usage had some issues, they were resolved by using Counter vs Usage;
added statistics for samples counter;
improved accuracy of detecting cpu speed;
fixed frozen graph problem;
1.30 2005-04-14
Incorporated "Carbonsoft cxCpu Processor Detection Toolkit Release 4": 1) CPU Explorer - detailed CPU information, supports multiple CPUs; 2) CPU Features - lists supported CPU features;
New look of the About Form: About, Description, What's New; with shell executable email and web addresses;
added AutoRun option;
fixed bug: position of the form was not remembered when it was moved manually;
1.21 2005-03-16
improved lunching algorithm, Main Form gets loaded much faster;
small graphical changes;
1.20 2005-01-02
TrayIcon mode available now, with updating CPU Usage Icon;
Statistics added, with Usage and Time variables;
instant termination of the program;
improved interval calculation, and limits checked: 0-2000 ms;
CPU Speed and Usage burst on program lunch are skipped now;
fixed lower and upper bounds of CPU Usage, corrected -0.14% and 100.3%;
1.13 2004-12-27
added Shortcuts for Locations: Ctrl + Numpad directions;
Gauge background color assigned to Form background color;
fixed incorrect interval calculation when Update Speed option is turned off;
1.12 2004-12-25
added icons for buttons;
improved form moving procedure, with ability to Lock it;
added option to thicker the graph;
added option to turn of the CPU Speed Update feature;
Settings are now saved in CPUMon.ini;
1.10 2004-12-24
boarder-less form, implemented moving feature at any point;
customizable Alpha-Blending feature;
customizable colors: background, graph, gauge, text;
changeable Update Rate and Graph History size;
added "Always on Top" option;
1.00 2004-12-23
Program ready for use, CPU activity monitoring trough history graph and current CPU usage gauge, plus displayed current CPU speed;