Product Version Publish Date
4.3 2018-10-12 Beta 2018-08-15
Renamed "Battery Low" to "Battery" event.
Added new trigger conditions to the Battery event: Power supply state (Online vs Offline); Battery level above a specific level; Monitor either the battery level or the power supply state, or both.
Fixed: Do not trigger the Battery event when the battery level is needed but unknown.
Fixed: Incorrect shortening of non-Latin text in the Message action statement.
Updated Russian language file. Beta 2018-08-02
Added ping interval parameter to the Ping Stops event.
Increased timeout of the Ping function from 2 to 4 seconds. This brings it inline with the default timeout used by the command line PING tool in Windows.
Updated Russian language file.
Internal code refactoring. Beta 2018-07-30
Fixed: Incorrect reply status interpretation and reply buffer allocation in the Ping function.
Added Portuguese language file. Thanks to Igor Rückert.
Cleaned up version history. Beta 2018-05-10
Added Slovenian language file. Thanks to Jadran Rudec.
Added Simplified Chinese language file. Thanks to Wander Max. Beta 2018-03-14
Decoupled events and actions from the visual components used for editing their configuration.
Refactored management operations and structures used by events and actions.
Fixed access violation error when loading a preset with a large number of events and/or actions.
Significantly decreased memory footprint of event and action instances.
Focus on the relevant event/action after editing or adding an item.
Added context menu options for adding a new event/action above or below the currently selected item.
Disable inapplicable events/actions context menu options.
Updated Russian language file. Beta 2018-02-28
Avoid auto starting default preset when a preset will be loaded later from the command line arguments. Beta 2018-02-23
Avoid a warning dialog when attempting to auto start planner without any events or actions.
Added Dutch (Belgium) language file. Thanks to DoggyDaddy.

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