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ReNamer not showing EXIF date even if available

I am currently in the process of renaming a bunch of photos according to their 'Taken Date', which I understand is the same as the 'Date/Time Original', which is the date the :EXIF_Date: meta-tag refers to.

Now, in most cases it works, as shown here:


However, in other cases, the EXIF Date doesn't show in ReNamer, even if the Taken Date exists and is visible in Windows Explorer. Here is an example:


But as I said earlier, the meta-tag :EXIF_Date: refers to 'Date/Time Original', and maybe that's a different date than 'Taken'? So I downloaded Exiftool GUI to check and they are, indeed, the same date.


In conclusion, why is it that sometimes it shows perfectly fine the EXIF Date but sometimes it doesn't?


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Re: ReNamer not showing EXIF date even if available

There are many potential places and formats in which the Date Taken can be extracted from. EXIF is just one such place.

I can see from your screenshot that the DateTimeOriginal is showing in the "Custom" output tab in the Exiftool GUI tool, instead of the normal "Exif" tab, so I presume that the date was not extracted from the conventional Exif meta data.

If you can, please provide a sample image. You can send it by email, if it is sensitive.


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