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ReNamer 5.73

We have a good few updates today for ReNamer.

One of the important changes is the updated Regular Expressions engine which brings a much requested ability of using \u \U \l \L flags as part of the RegEx rule to adjust the case of matched tokens, making this rule even more functional.

Dealing with Unicode characters can sometime be a daunting task, especially when two characters that look the same are actually different. To tackle one of these cases with more than a dozen of different versions of a space character there is now an option in the CleanUp rule to replace all those variations with a standard space character.

Also, few minor issues have been resolved. In particular, a long standing problem with folders that start with a dot being were being skipped when scanning for contained files/folders to add. And, restored support for Windows 98/Me/2000 which was broken by an update to one of the components.

Anyhow, here is a full list of changes in ReNamer 5.73:

* Added hint to run as administrator when failed to apply system settings;
* Added "Save" option for directly saving the currently loaded preset;
* Closed potential memory leak on errors during preset saving/loading;
* Added Greek translit alphabet;
* Fixed issue that caused incorrect limitation on number of presets;
* Integrated an updated version of RegExpr adapted from FPC 2.6.2;
* Added support for \u \U \l \L flags in RegEx engine;
* Removed ambiguously linked Tnt Delphi Unicode Controls v2.2.5;
* Added option to normalize unicode spaces in the CleanUp rule;
* Folders that start with a dot are no longer skipped during folder scans;
* Slightly increased the header height in the files table;
* Reverted VirtualTreeView component from v5.1.3 to v4.8.7 because newer versions have dropped support for Windows 98/Me/2000; This fixes an issue with no column headings/content in files pane;


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