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Meta tags allow users to extract some meta information associated with files and use it for renaming.

There are two different ways for using meta tags:

Tag Description
Date_Now Current Date
File_SizeBytes Size of file in bytes
File_SizeKB Size of file in Kb
File_SizeMB Size of file in Mb
File_DateCreated File created date
File_DateModified File last modified date
File_FileName Full name of the file without the path
File_FilePath Full name of the file with the path
File_BaseName Base name of the file
File_Extension Extension of the file
File_FolderName Name of the parent folder
File_DOSName Short name in the 8.3 format
ID3_Artist ID3 Artist
ID3_Title ID3 Title
ID3_Album ID3 Album
ID3_Year ID3 Year
ID3_Genre ID3 Genre
ID3_TrackNo ID3 Track Number
ID3_PartOfSet ID3 Part Of Set
WMA_Artist WMA Artist
WMA_Title WMA Title
WMA_Album WMA Album
WMA_Year WMA Year
WMA_Genre WMA Genre
WMA_TrackNo WMA Track Number
FLAC_Artist FLAC Artist
FLAC_Title FLAC Title
FLAC_Album FLAC Album
FLAC_Genre FLAC Genre
FLAC_TrackNo FLAC Track Number
Audio_Duration Duration of an Audio file
Audio_DurationMins Duration of an Audio file in minutes
Audio_DurationSecs Duration of an Audio file in seconds
HTML_Title Title tag extracted from an HTML file
EXIF_Date EXIF Original Date
EXIF_Model EXIF Camera Model
EXIF_Make EXIF Camera Make
EXIF_Description EXIF Image Description
IPTC_ObjectName IPTC Object Name
IPTC_Caption IPTC Image Caption
IPTC_Headline IPTC Image Headline
IPTC_Location IPTC Location Name
TIFF_Model TIFF Model
TIFF_Description TIFF Description
Image_WidthAndHeight Real Width and Height of an image in pixels
Image_Width Real Width of an image in pixels
Image_Height Real Height of an image in pixels
Image_Pixels Amount of pixels in the image
Document_Title Summary Information: Title
Document_Subject Summary Information: Subject
Document_Author Summary Information: Author
Document_PageCount Summary Information: Number of Pages
Hash_MD5 MD5 Hash of a file
Hash_SHA1 SHA1 Hash of a file
Hash_CRC32 CRC32 Checksum of a file
Email_DateSent Email date sent
Email_Subject Email subject
Email_Sender Email sender
Outlook_ID Outlook Message ID
Outlook_DateSent Outlook Message Date Sent
Outlook_Subject Outlook Message Subject
Outlook_Sender Outlook Message Sender
AVI_FramesPerSecond AVI Frames per Second
AVI_TotalFrames AVI Total amount of Frames
AVI_Duration AVI Duration in H:M:S format
AVI_DurationMins AVI Duration in Minutes
AVI_DurationSecs AVI Duration in Seconds
AVI_WidthAndHeight AVI Dimensions in WxH format
AVI_Width AVI Width in Pixels
AVI_Height AVI Height in Pixels
AVI_VideoCodec AVI Video Codec
BinarySign_Extension Binary File Signature: Extension
BinarySign_Description Binary File Information: Description
VersionInfo_Version Version Information: Version
VersionInfo_Product Version Information: Product
VersionInfo_Company Version Information: Company
VersionInfo_Copyright Version Information: Copyright
VersionInfo_Description Version Information: Description
VersionInfo_Comments Version Information: Comments

Editing Meta Tags

ReNamer is a file renaming tool, not a meta tag editing tool.

Meta tags (e.g. ID3, EXIF) are not part of the names of the files - They are contained inside certain files. Therefore ReNamer does not edit meta tags. This feature will NEVER be supported.

To edit meta tags, please use a suitable meta tag editor such as mp3BookHelper, mp3Tag or TagScanner (for various tags in digital audio files) or PhotoME (for EXIF tags).

Checksum-based tags (MD5, SHA1, CRC32) are non-editable: They are calculated by the system from the contents of the file. You can use them to check the integrity of any file, using software like Exactfile.