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The Options menu offers various ad-hoc actions. It can be accessed via the OptionsButton.png button.

Autosize columns Auto-size all columns, to accommodate the longest entry in each column.
Validate new names Check if the new names are valid.
Fix conflicting new names Add incremental numbers as suffixes to avoid conflicts in names. For example, if a new name for a file is Name1, and if such a file already exists in the target folder, then a suffix (2) is added to the newly renamed file. If more than one files have such name conflicts, ReNamer uses incremental numbers (i.e. (2), (3)...) as suffixes to make sure that each file gets a unique name.
Highlight changed names Usually you load files only because you want to change their names. Yet, sometimes, some files escape all the rules you have loaded and remain unchanged. In such cases, you may want to know why that happened.

ReNamer can highlight files that are going to be changed. Now you can investigate the remaining files.

Note: Highlight changed names option works as a switch: it turns highlighting ON and OFF.

Tip: You can unmark the rules selectively and see the effect on the files. That will tell you which rules are working on which files. Once your analysis is over, you can mark all rules.

Analyze sample text It opens the Analyze window.

Thanks to that option you don't have to load files to the Files pane just to check if your rules work as desired.
It is extremally useful when you want to help others on the forum.

  • Enter any text that looks like your target files, and see whether the rules work as desired on that text.
  • Edit the rules if the desired result is not achieved
  • Once you are satisfied with the rules, apply them on the real files or post the set of rules on the forum.

Note: Analyze sample text won't be any help if the rules base on the files properties (and not only on the filename). Analyze tool won't be able eg. to extract Meta tag from the text in its window.

Apply rules to the clipboard When you choose this option your rules will be applied to the text in clipboard instead of files in the Files pane. This might be useful eg. when working with word processors that don't support RegEx'es.
Count marked and selected files Alt+I It pops up a window containing files statistics.
  • Total stands for total number of files loaded into the Files pane.
  • Marked and Selected stand for number of marked and selected files respectively.