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Arrow Return.png ReNamer  

When you select the Analyze tool option (or press Shift+A), ReNamer launches a window, where you can enter any arbitrary text and apply rules entered in the Rules pane.

This is very useful to see the effect of the rules using dummy text (for example before using the Insert rule). It also allows to check the positions of any character in the text just by pointing to it with keyboard or mouse. The cursor position and selection information are displayed in the status bar of the window (Line, Position, Right and Selection).

The input text may be a file name (or multiple file names) loaded from Files pane, or any text manually entered by user - which can be very useful when you want to clean a piece of arbitrary text, for example.


The options in the window are as follows:

Option Description
Line wrap Wraps lines if they exceed the window's width.
Automatically apply rules Apply rules automatically when the input text changes.

You do not have to press the ApplyRulesButton.png button after changing the input text.

Apply rules for each line Applies the rules to each line separately.

Note: A combination of Line wrap and Apply rules for each line options may produce an undesired effect due to the way how Windows applies line wrapping. Rules will be applied to each line separately, even to those created artificially as a result of line wrapping.