Editing Guidelines

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Naming conventions

  • Names must be descriptive.
  • Words should be separated with spaces, so they can be searched by words.
  • Try to minimize the length of article names and make as general as possible.
  • Articles related to a specific applications should be sectioned accordingly, e.g. "Application:Article"

Uploaded files

  • Images should be in PNG format.
  • Check that the same or similar file does not already exist (use Special:ListFiles).
  • Files related to a specific applications should be prefixed accordingly, e.g. "Application File Name".

Navigation tables

Navigation tables can be converted to templates and used in any page when needed. Alternatively, one could use categories to group pages together.

Message boxes

Category:Message Box has a collection of available message boxes which can be used a number of purposes, for example: highlighting hints, asking questions, marking articles which require cleanup or need to be expanded.

Removing links to articles

It is a dangerous business which can cause some articles to be unreachable. Think twice before such actions and don't do it unless it is completely necessary. Think of changing the content of an article under question, instead of unlinking it and creating a new article to replace it.

Signature in talk pages

Please sign and date your posts by typing four tildes (~~~~). This will automatically put your signature (name and date).