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Translating PO files

This is one of common file formats which is used by software developers to provide text for translators.

Translation files (*.po) can be edited in any text editor, but it is highly recommended that you use specifically designed translation tools which will ensure that you don't break the syntax and will provide other useful features such as assisted translation.

  • Poedit – Editor for Windows, Linux and Mac. (Recommended)
  • Virtaal – Editor for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Better PO Editor - Editor for Windows only.

Translating EXE files

If software vendor does not provide any specific files/formats for translation, you may be able to translate the executable files.

Specialized programs will allow you to extract all translatable text from an executable, export it to a text file, translate and import back into the software, creating a localized (translated) version of the executable.

Localization libraries

These are for software developers.