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See Export menu
There is an "Import file names from text-list (CSV or TXT)" option:
> Imports file paths and new names from the .csv (comma separated) or .txt (tab separated) file.



You can save your excel file in CSV format (comma delimited), and then use ReNamer's import/export options, such as "Import file paths and new names".
Note that you will need to have a full file path in the first column, otherwise ReNamer won't know where to find the file.
If the cell contains spaces, commas or quotation marks, then the cell value must be en-quoted and inner quotation marks escaped properly.

For example:
"C:\My Folder\My Old File.txt","My New File.txt"
"C:\My Folder\My Old File 2.txt","My second New File.txt"
"C:\My Folder\My Old File 3.txt","My Another New File.txt"

See this article for more examples:

You may need to select a different variation of the CSV format when saving from Excel, to get properly en-quoted and escaped cell values.

ReNamer since v7.1.0.2 Beta handles unquoted values appropriately, so you don't need to manually enquote all values any more.