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Script integrates MediaInfo CLI tool in order to extract meta information for a variety of audio and video file formats.


  • Download and extract MediaInfo CLI tool.
  • Adjust MediaInfoExe constant in the script to point to a correct path of your MediaInfo CLI executable.


  • Author: Denis Kozlov. Date: 2018-05-15.
  • Tested with ReNamer 6.8.

The script is configured to extract "Encoded_Date" meta value, but you can change it to any other tag supported by MediaInfo, by modifying the OutputParameter constant in the script. See below for more information on supported meta tags.

The extracted meta value is used in a raw form and will replace the original file name. The resulting file name may require some additional reformatting, which can be done using the standard renaming rules.

{ Extract media meta information using MediaInfo CLI }

  MediaInfoExe = 'C:\Tools\MediaInfoCLI\MediaInfo.exe';
  OutputParameter = 'General;%Encoded_Date%';

  Command: WideString;
  Output: String;

  Command :=
    '"' + MediaInfoExe + '"' +
    ' --output="' + OutputParameter + '"' +
    ' "' + FilePath + '"';
  if ExecConsoleApp(Command, Output) = 0 then
    FileName := WideTrim(OemToWide(Output)) + WideExtractFileExt(FilePath);

MediaInfo CLI Help

Built-in help commands:

  • MediaInfo.exe --Help - General help information.
  • MediaInfo.exe --Help-Output - How to extract specific meta tags from files.
  • MediaInfo.exe --Info-Parameters - List of supported meta tags.