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Separate capitalized words with spaces. Useful for cleaning up some files downloaded from the internet.

For example, if we have a file "TheEverlyBrothers - AllIHaveToDoIsDream.mp3" it will be converted into "The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream.mp3".

Note: Since beta version from 8.08.2009 this common task was integrated into the CleanUp rule.


  • ReNamer 5.20
  • ReNamer 5.50


Author: Denis Kozlov. Date: 14 Sep 2008.

  I: Integer;
  for I := WideLength(FileName) downto 2 do        // for each character
    if IsWideCharAlpha(FileName[i]) then           // is alphabetic
      if IsWideCharUpper(FileName[i]) then         // is upper case
        if not IsWideCharSpace(FileName[i-1]) then // is space preceding
          WideInsert(' ', FileName, I);            // insert space