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Resizer supports several command line parameters. The general format is as follows:

"Resizer.exe" <parameters>

Please note that multiple parameter types cannot be combined together.

Parameter Description
<files> Launch Resizer and add all specified files/folders for processing.

Example: "Resizer.exe" "C:\Pictures"

--process <files> Launch Resizer, add all specified files/folders for processing, and then automatically start processing all images.

Resizer's behavior changes basing on whether there are any problems during the automated image processing.

  • If the operation was successful, Resizer will terminate automatically.
  • If there are any errors, Resizer's main window will open and an appropriate error message will be displayed.

Example: "Resizer.exe" --process "C:\Pictures"

--process --silent <files> Unattended command line processing mode. The operation is similar to --process <files>, but any warnings or errors will be silently discarded.

The graphical user interface will not be shown. A non-zero exit code is returned upon completion if any warnings or errors have occurred.

The examples shown above do not include the full path to "Resizer.exe", as it can differ between installations.