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Shutter is designed as an interactive application which normally runs in the background of a user session rather than as a service. Services differ from normal applications from programming point of view and have to be developed differently. However, it is still possible to run Shutter as a service using specialized tools listed below.

Note: Running Shutter as a service is not a supported feature and there are various limitations to functionality. Known limitations include certain events and actions failing to work, e.g. Lock workstation, Alarm, Screenshot, and several other features.

Third party tools

More application can be found online, for example at Run Application As Service.

Windows Resource Kit

Windows Resource Kit provides two utilities that allow you to create a user-defined service for Windows applications. Instrsrv.exe installs and removes system services and Srvany.exe allows any application to run as a service.

These tools were originally developed for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, but they still work on newer operating systems too, including Windows 7.

Warning: This method is not recommended for novice users!