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Typical uses of shutter

In this section, we will see examples of how Shutter can be used.

N Task Events Actions Other settings
1 If you suffer from RSI, set timer to take a break every few minutes and exercise your hands, shoulder and neck. Countdown
  1. Pop up "Exercise NOW!" message
  2. Pause for 5 minutes
  3. Restart events
2 Use Shutter as a count-down timer clock (to give alarm at the end of specified time)
3 Play a pre-recorded sound track every few minutes (to calm down a baby or a pet).
4 Launch an application (e.g. a downloader) at night to avail of internet free hours.
5 Share your PC on LAN till a particular time, and then turn it off
6 When the WinAmp playlist is over, pause for a specified time period and then play another playlist, or hibernate the PC.
7 Wait till CPU usage drops below a limit for a specified period and then launch Blender/Maya rendering task
8 Play WinAmp when no one is using the PC for 1 minute (turn the PC into entertainment center automatically).
9 When battery is low, take backup of critical data.
10 When battery is low, close specified applications gracefully (allow it to finish its closing tasks rather than crash)
11 When battery is low, remind the user to plug in the laptop charger.
12 Warn the user that the desired application has stopped running.
13 Launch the process only if the application is not running already (to avoid multiple instances running simultaneously)
14 When a process is over, launch the next process in sequence.
15 Warn the user that the reote PC is not communicating any more (either bad link or crash).
16 When a file size exceeds a limit, take a backup of the file.
17 When a file size exceeds a limit, warn the user that the file size has reached the limit.