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Hi Denis, I saw something strange on this page.

Could you take a look at the case/switch explanations?

Because as far as I know, on ReNamer's scripts it doesn't do the "fall-through", I think they are always "exclusive".

Am I wrong?

Either way, if the info is ok, wouldn't be more logical that the "exclusive" would appear after the "fall-through"?

-- SafetyCar

You are right, there is no "fall-through" in Delphi / Pascal for "case" structure. I have removed the invalid block. This article was copied from somewhere by Narayan and I haven't actually verified it. In the last week I already corrected 2 major flows.

-- Den4b 03:40, 23 June 2011 (BST)

Ok, thanks for your reply. The discussion can be deleted if you want.

-- SafetyCar