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A normal user would not know the difference between close window and kill process options.

  • When is killing process preferable to closing window, given that it is easier for a user to specify a window's name
(he can easily read it in the target application's Windows Bar)?

I would have added this, but do not know finer details:

  • Often an application has multiple subprocesses. Would killing such a subprocess make sense?
  • Also, some applications allow multiple instances; and each of them is a process.
In such cases, how does a user select a particular instance?
It would be too much to expect a non-programmer user to understand PIDs.
  • What about killing process trees? Is it possible to manage them with Shutter?
If not, better add a warning that killing process can have unexpected results; and can even destabilize the system.

I think it would be also better to add that the user can check the names of all running processes in the Task Manager, which is available by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL.