Product Version Publish Date
4.1 2020-09-03 Beta 2020-08-16
Guess the fallback language code by removing sub-codes, e.g. "en_US" to "en".
Handle "--lang=xx" command line language specification, in addition to "--lang xx".
Case insensitive handling of "--lang=xx" and "--lang xx" command line parameters.
Removed unused text from translation files. Beta 2020-06-15
Minor internal optimizations.
Updated Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt. Beta 2020-04-03
Load product registration code using a file drag and drop.
Do not offer to create desktop shortcut in the installer.
Updated Turkish language file. Thanks to Çağatay KAYA. Beta 2020-01-27
Changed Z-order of hash text fields to avoid visual overflow by the checkbox labels.
Added German language file. Thanks to Marcus Barkhahn.
Added Turkish language file. Thanks to Çağatay KAYA.
Added Corsican language file and flag. Thanks to Patriccollu di Santa Maria è Sichè.
Updated Italian language file. Thanks to Vittorio Ierardi.
Updated Dutch (Belgium) language file. Thanks to DoggyDaddy. Beta 2018-11-03
Changed build environment to Lazarus 1.8.4 + FPC 3.0.4.
Dropped support for Windows 9x platform. New list of supported platforms: Windows 2000 and later.
Enhanced storage path resolution with new path tags and handling of multiple path tags.
Excluded messages from language files which do not require translation.
Updated Simplified Chinese language file. Thanks to WanderMax.

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Hasher 4.1.0.X Beta