These free online tools might come in handy for software developers and technology enthusiasts. Don't see a tool that you need? Request it.

Browser Info

Show browser information such as your IP address, User Agent and Referral.

Date Span

Calculate duration between dates, including years, months, weeks and business days.

Encoder and Decoder

Encode or decode text or a file using common techniques, e.g: Base64, URL, HTML.

Hash and Checksum

Calculate a hash or a checksum from a text or a file, e.g: CRC32, MD5, SHA1.

Number Converter

Convert numbers between different bases, i.e: Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hex.

Password Generator

Generate random passwords using customizable character set.

Ping Host

Test the reachability of a host on the network and measure the round-trip time.

Port Check

Inspect whether a specific port number for a host is open or closed.

Regular Expressions

Use regular expressions to find or replace complex patterns within text.

Text Case

Convert text case to upper, lower, capitalized or inverted.

Trace Route

Trace network route to a host and measure the round-trip time for each hop.