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Rename Photos in Sequential Order Starting With a Specific Number

I already have a group of photos labeled Jamaica 001, Jamaica 002, etc. - all the way through Jamaica 1598. When I imported the second group (I have four groups to import), it created a SEPARATE folder. I fully expected it to append and start with Jamaica 1599 - but it didn't. So now I have TWO folders with photos that are redundant in name - i.e., two Jamaica 001 pics, two Jamaica 002 pics, etc.

SURELY there's a way to use the command prompt to rename them starting with a specific number, right? If I take the second import group (and subsequently the third and fourth), add them to a folder off the root of C (say, C:\Import), I'd like to think I could use the ren option to start at a specific number...in this case Jamaica 1599.

And another catch - I have RAW and JPGs, so currently I have Jamaica 001.CR3 and Jamaica 001.JPG, then Jamaica 002.CR3 and Jamaica 002.JPG. I might have to handle these separately. (To be honest, I don't care about the naming of the RAW images if it's an issue as I dump those in another folder.)

Any assistance would be appreciated!

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Re: Rename Photos in Sequential Order Starting With a Specific Number

You can set the starting number via "Index start", e.g. with 1599


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