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ReNamer 7.4

ReNamer 7.4 has been released.

Highlights of changes:

  • Implemented a new serialization mechanism using music notes, e.g. C0, C#0, D0, D#0, E0, F0, F#0, etc.

  • Added FindRegEx, IntToRoman, RomanToInt, RomanToIntDef, TryRomanToInt functions and TIntegerArray type to Pascal Script.

  • Use Windows native logical sorting algorithm. Fall back to the custom implementation on other platforms.

  • Avoid the effects of Windows sorting rules and Unicode equality rules in the string replacement function, i.e. replace only exact matches.

  • New "whole words" matching mechanism. The boundaries around the subject must not be between two word characters, instead of the former mechanism where the boundaries must be between word and non-word characters.

  • Added an option to unmark all rules after a rename.

  • Resolve relative paths when importing file paths and new names from a file.

  • Handle errors when creating target directories during a renaming operation.

  • Updated the bundled User Manual.

  • Updated translations: French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Polish.

  • Added translations: Korean, Corsican.

  • Added translit alphabets: Korean, Arabic.

See the full changelog between v7.3 and v7.4 for more details.


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