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Rename using EXIF Date from image-file

I'm trying to rename a bunch of .jpg files using EXIF metainformation. As far as I remember the feature have worked before but now I can't get it to work. Apparently the utility can't read the exif-data at all. After selecting a number of jpg-files it's possible to add an "Exif Date" column in the file area but this field is empty for all files. The files are from two different Canon cameras, a Samsung phone and a OnePlus phone.
Other software have no problems reading EXIF-Date ("Date Taken" in Windows I presume).

What to do?

Do I need to install additional libraries in order for exif metadata to be read from files? Anything else? Updated because of the problems meaning 2023-03-25 version installed now.

Hope somebody have a solution :-)

Regards, Tommy


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Re: Rename using EXIF Date from image-file

See >> https://www.den4b.com/wiki/ReNamer:Scripts
and >> https://www.den4b.com/wiki/ReNamer:Rules:PascalScript
for PascalScript scripts which utilize external command line tools to extract and use the EXIF info.

And you may utilize ExifTool command line tool on one or another of your jpg-files
and post the textual output here, maybe we can spot that way the culprit.


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Re: Rename using EXIF Date from image-file

Have you tried using the latest version of ReNamer?

If you are still experiencing issues with accessing EXIF dates via the built-in meta tag, then you can try using ExifTool and Exiv2 scripts which integrate specialized tools into ReNamer via the Pascal Script rule.

Maybe you can provide an example file so that we can investigate why the built-in meta tag can't handle it?


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