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As of this moment, there is no easy way to create translations. Translations can only be created with specialized programs like: Restorator, Multilizer, etc. (none of them are free). With a use of such software all translatable text from an executable can be exported to a text file, later translated and imported back into the software, creating a localized (translated) version of the executable.

Discussions regarding translations on forum:

NOTE: Articles below are only abstracts of what is still to come, i.e. working with localization files.

Translation Guide

You can easily create translation to any (your) language using notepad or any other text editor. Steps are simple:

  1. open the text file containing all translatable strings
  2. translate provided strings that are = (equal sign) separated
  3. make sure that you don't modify original one and type any other surplus characters or commands
  4. beware of the special formatting and maintain it, only translated actual words
  5. save as "Your language.txt" using Unicode encoding and send it to author and/or eR@SeR

for analysis

Here is an example of translated strings:

About=О Программе
Clear rules list on rename=Очистить список правил при переименовании
Line #3D %d, Left #3D %d, Right #3D %d=Линия #3D %d, Слева #3D %d, Справа #3D %d=

Note: Beware that future versions of applications could bring more strings, so old translations will need to be updated. If you have any questions about this or you finished your hard work, send them to eR@SeR using built-in e-mail option. You have to register at Forum in order to do that. Enjoy translating ;-)

Localization Files

Here is a list of files which are the basis for translations. You can download the file, translate the appropriate strings (as described above) and upload it as a localized file.

Application File
ReNamer ReNamer 5.60
Shutter file to be uploaded...

Localized Files

Here is a list of localized files. Translations which can be used for compiling localized versions of the tools.

Note: If you are planning on doing translation, please, check that the target language doesn't already exist! If it does, instead of creating another localized file, you can check the already existing translation and make sure it is correct.

Application Language Authors File
ReNamer 5.50 Russian file to be uploaded...
ReNamer 5.50 Serbian file to be uploaded...
ReNamer 5.50 Spanish file to be uploaded...