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This article describes localization/translation of the software, please read it all carefully before attempting to participate.

Translation guide

You can create a translation to any (your) language using notepad or any other text editor. Steps are simple:

  1. Register on the Wiki or Forum and notify that you are performing a translation.
    • Please create a "work in progress" entry in the localized files section, or post on the Forum.
  2. Open a text file containing all translatable text from one of the localization files.
  3. Translate provided text, separating original and translated text with "=" (equal sign).
    • Try to match the length of the translated text with the length of the original text.
    • Some components may not fit longer text, so it is better to make it shorter rather than longer.
    • Beware of the special formatting and symbols, make sure to maintain it, translate only actual words.
  4. Save the text file using Unicode (UTF-8) encoding and share your work:
    • Upload your work to the Wiki or post it on Forum.
    • Notify the Author and/or eR@SeR using built-in e-mail option of the Forum.

Here is an example of translated text:

About=О Программе
Clear rules list on rename=Очистить список правил при переименовании
Line #3D %d, Left #3D %d, Right #3D %d=Линия #3D %d, Слева #3D %d, Справа #3D %d

Beware that future versions of applications could bring more untranslated text, so old translations will need to be updated.

Localization files

Here is a list of files which are the basis for translations. Translate the appropriate text (as described above) and upload it as a localized file.

Application Version
ReNamer 5.60, 5.70
Shutter file to be uploaded...

Localized files

Here is a list of localized files. Translations which can be used for compiling localized versions of software.

  • If you are planning on doing a translation, please, check that the target language doesn't already exist.
  • Before starting a translation process, please create a "work in progress" entry, noting the target language and your name (link to your profile), so other people are aware of your work.
Name/File Authors Status
ReNamer 5.60 Serbian eR@SeR Complete
ReNamer 5.60 Spanish SafetyCar Complete
ReNamer 5.60 French Ozzii Complete
ReNamer 5.70 Serbian eR@SeR Complete
ReNamer 5.70 Spanish SafetyCar In progress...
ReNamer 5.70 French ? In progress...
(Your translation) In progress...

Side notes

As of this moment, there is no easy way to create translations. Translations can only be created with specialized programs like: Sisulizer, Restorator, Multilizer, etc - none of which are free. With a use of such software all translatable text from an executable can be exported to a text file, later translated and imported back into the software, creating a localized (translated) version of the executable.

Discussions regarding translations on forum: