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{{{iparam}}} This article is outdated, please refer to the new Localization article.

This article describes localization/translation of the software, please read it all carefully before attempting to participate.

Localization files


Version Text file Localization project Translations
5.74 File:ReNamer-5.74.txt File:ReNamer-5.74.slp


Version Text file Localization project Translations
3.4 File:Shutter-3.4.txt File:Shutter-3.4.slp


Version Text file Localization project Translations
3.3 File:Hooker-3.3.txt File:Hooker-3.3.slp File:Hooker-3.3-Polish.txt

Translation guide

Translating a product to a different language can be performed using two methods:

  1. Text file - simply fill in the mapping of original text with translated text.
  2. Localization project - using 3rd party localization tool.

Steps for translating a product:

  1. Download the either the text file or localization project.
  2. Create or update the translated text.
  3. Email the translated file to us (use email address from the About dialog of any product).

Important notes (you must know):

  • Try to match the length of the translated text with the length of the original text.
  • Some components may not fit longer text, so it is better to make it shorter rather than longer.
  • Beware of the special formatting and symbols, make sure to maintain it, translate only actual words.
  • If you don't have a good translation for some text, just leave those blank.
  • Save the text file using Unicode (UTF-8) encoding.

Attribution to the translator:

  • Replace "#Translator#" value with your name and it will be displayed in the About dialog of the translated product.
  • If you are updating an existing translation, please keep the name of original author and append your name if you wish (comma separated).

Translation methods

Text file

The text file contains a triplet separated by an equal sign "=" like so:


Where components are:

  • CONTEXT - identifies the component associated with the text (do not edit).
  • ORIGINAL - original text (do not edit).
  • TRANSLATION - translated text (edit this part).

Here is a snippet of the translated text file:

ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ABOUT.Caption=About=О программе ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ADDRULE.Caption=Add Rule=Добавить правило ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ADDRULE.GroupBox_Config.Caption=Configuration:=Конфигурация: ReNamer.exe.Strings.MyStrings.NAME_FilesCounter=%d files=%d файлов ReNamer.exe.Strings.MyStrings.NAME_AnalyzeTextCursor=Line #3D %d, Left #3D %d, Right #3D %d=Строка #3D %d, Слева #3D %d, Справа #3D %d

Localization project

Localization project is created with a 3rd party product called Sisulizer. Translators can use a free version of this product which is bundled with the full download (trial version), simply choose the "Free Edition" at the installation stage.

Once installed, load the localization project and enjoy a user-friendly translation experience with many great features to assist you.

Side notes

Translations can be created with specialized programs none of which are free. With a use of such software all translatable text from an executable can be exported to a text file, later translated and imported back into the software, creating a localized (translated) version of the executable.

List of specialized programs for translating software:

Free tools for software localization:

Discussions regarding translations on forum: