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Filter settings give you a finer control over which files and folders get added to ReNamer, which can be accessed via the FiltersButton.png button, or the Main menu.

You can use a range of methods for adding new files and folders and the selected filter settings will be applied consistently in all cases.


The options work as follows:

Option Effect
Add files within folders When this option is selected, ReNamer scans the selected folders iteratively (including its subfolders), and loads all the files for renaming. If you want to rename only the folders (and not their contents), untick this option, and select the Add folders as files checkbox.
Add folders as files If this option is selected, ReNamer treats a folder just like a file (not as a container that holds files and subfolders). So only the folder is loaded, and not the files in it. This is useful for renaming the folder itself.
Include subfolders Loads contents from all subfolders recursively. If this option is unselected, when you add a folder, its subfolders will be ignored.
Include hidden items Include or exclude hidden items when adding the content of folders folders.
Include system items Include or exclude system protected items when adding the content of folders folders.
Skip root folders when added as files Works when the Add folders as files and Include subfolders options are selected. When it's on, ReNamer adds all the subfolders but not the root folder itself.
Masks All added files (or folders as files) must match specified masks. For example, if you enter *.jpg;*.gif;*.png as an Include mask, ReNamer will add only files with these extensions. Everything else will be filtered out, i.e. not added to ReNamer. The Exclude mask will do the opposite, it will filter out everything that matches the mask.
Apply only to the file name Changes how the masks (see above) are applied.

For example, suppose you have file C:\Folder\File.ext. If this option is ON, only the filename part File.ext will be checked against the masks. But if this option is OFF, the entire path C:\Folder\File.ext will be checked against the masks.

Save as default for future sessions Changes to filter settings effect only the current session. If you would like your filter settings to be remembered across sessions (after restarting the application), then tick this option before saving the settings.

Note: Filter settings are applied only the newly added files/folders and do not affect files/folders which are already listed in ReNamer.