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Filename or wildcard masks are used for simple pattern matching using special placeholder characters.

Masks can be used in several places in ReNamer, including:

Placeholder characters

Character Description
* (Asterisk) Match any number of any characters.
? (Question mark) Match any single character.

Extended pattern matching

Pattern Description
[abc] Matches any one of the specified characters ("a", "b" or "c").
[a-z] Matches any one character in the specified range ("a" through "z").

Note: Only the selected renaming rules support extended pattern matching features.

Mask lists

Multiple masks can be expressed in a single parameter (mask list) by separating individual masks with semicolons (";").

For example, a mask list *.txt;*.doc matches files with a *.txt or *.doc extension.


Pattern Description
*.jpg Matches files which have ".jpg" file extension.
magic* Matches files which start with "magic".
*magic* Matches files which have "magic" anywhere within the name.
*magic.* Matches files which end with "magic", excluding the file extension.
*magic*.jpg Matches files which have "magic" anywhere within the name and have ".jpg" file extension.
*b?ll* Matches files with have a letter "b" followed by any single character and then followed by "ll", such as "ball", "bell", "bill".