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This rule allows finding and replacing patterns defined as Regular Expressions.

Regular Expressions (RegEx) use a special syntax for describing search and replace patterns, they are very powerful and really worth learning.

ReNamer users have posted many RegEx examples at the User Forum, where you might find your particular case already solved.

Note: The RegEx engine used in ReNamer is a little different from the mainstream PERL RegEx or Windows RegEx. You can check the syntax in the Regular Expressions article.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Details
Expression RegEx pattern to match or find.
Replace RegEx pattern that replaces the found pattern.
Skip extension If this check box is selected, the extension will be ignored by the rule.
Case-sensitive If this option is selected, ReNamer will search for the text in case-sensitive manner.

A simple set of commonly used RegEx syntax patterns is provided in the hint menu: