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ReNamer 7.1

4 months ago

ReNamer 7.1 is a major update that brings new features, bug fixes and better support for recent and future operating systems. Highlights of changes: Added options for adjusting date/time parts in the Reformat Date rule. Added context menu options for adding a new rule above or below the currently se...

RandPass 1.6

11 months ago

RandPass 1.6 has been released. This is an exciting release for password geeks as it adds a new method for generating passwords by combining randomly selected words out of various dictionaries (wordlists). This method has been featured in a famous XKCD comic about password strength, which explains i...

Resizer 1.2

11 months ago

Resizer 1.2 has been released. Summary of changes: Perform image processing operations in a dedicated thread. This allows the main GUI thread to better reflect the progress and lets user abort the processing at any moment. Added an option to export file paths to clipboard. Added an option to remove...

Hasher 3.4

11 months ago

Hasher 3.4 has been released. Summary of changes: Added an option to include header in the Log Viewer export to clipboard. Fixed an incorrect DST offset applied to file dates outside of current DST period. Respect the setting of upper case hashes option across all windows. Remember and restore "maxi...

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How to put Password on Files.
Hey there, Simple question: Is ReNamer able to put passwords on Files? If so, could you explain how this works...
Luro 1 hour ago

How to convert Chinese Simplified and Traditional characters?
For future readers... One of the users has pointed out that there is a more complete conversion solution avail...
den4b 1 hour ago

How to convert Chinese Simplified and Traditional characters?
The above mapping has been added to the bundled translit alphabets in ReNamer Beta.
den4b 2 hours ago

Rename if first 7 positions equal to the next 7 positions
You can also use the power of back references in the Regular Expressions rule, like follows: Replace expressio...
den4b 2 hours ago

How do you create/apply a 'presets directory'
Hello and welcome! To save a preset in a directory structure you just need to specify the structured path when...
den4b 2 hours ago

How do you create/apply a 'presets directory'
I just bought 7.1 pro. Very excited about the presets directories feature. However, I cannot find a way to do...
Rnmr 4 hours ago

Add part of original filename to new filename
Hi brianwoody, If you need to add last one or more digits to the X part in "^226^X^" and if there are more tha...
eR@SeR 2 days ago
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