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ReNamer User Manual

Quick Guide
Adding files and folders
Managing Rules
Previewing Files
Renaming Files
Using the Rules
Overview of Rules
Insert Rule
Delete Rule
Remove Rule
Replace Rule
Rearrange Rule
Rearrange Rule Examples
Extension Rule
Strip Rule
Case Rule
Serialize Rule
CleanUp Rule
Translit Rule
RegEx Rule
PascalScript Rule
UserInput Rule
Pascal Script
Pascal Script
Quick Guide
User Scripts
Using Presets
Manual Editing
Program settings
Main Menu and Keyboard Shortcuts
Menus for the Files Pane
Context Menus
Date and Time Format
Binary Signatures
Meta Tags
Regular Expressions
Using ReNamer in Command Line Mode
Sorting Files
Renaming Folders
Renaming to Another Folder and Binning
Failed Renaming
Validation of New Names